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Playa Las Coloradas

Throughout Granma Province, signs marking municipal limits bear the town name and an image of the Granma, the boat that carried Castro and his rebels to Cuba in their 1956 "invasion" of the island. Playa las Coloradas is the beach where it all began.

Playa Las Coloradas is located on the southeastern coast of Cuba, in Níquero municipality, Granma province.

Its surface area is about 2,500 m. (and the sun-covered area is 25,000 sq. m.). Nurtured by the warm currents of the Caribbean Sea, it offers the opportunity to visit sites linked to different periods of the island’s history, as well as one of the most impressive ecosystems in the region.

The spa here includes a campsite with 27 cabins.

Then, whether on an eco-adventure tour or as part of a vacation package to Cuba, visitors will revel in the exquisite beauty of this beach.

Here is Portada de la Libertad Monument, marking the point where, on 2 December 1956, the members of the Granma yacht expedition landed.

These freedom fighters were led by the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro, as the armed struggle against Fulgencio Batista’s tyranny began.

Such movement reached the final victory on 1 January 1959.

The site exhibits a scale model of the vessel that brought the July 26 Movement members; and visitors can take pictures and learn details about such momentous historical event.

On your Cuba holiday tour, take some time out to stop at this location.

Near Las Coloradas is the archaeological trail of El Guafe, famous for its idols and ceremonial and burial caves.

This is an extensive residential area with evidence from the aboriginal groups that populated such domains.

This could be an eco-friendly travel option, affording you the chance to imbibe the ancient history of the known trail.

Another feature adding to the celebrity of Las Coloradas is its location within Desembarco del Granma National Park, a World Heritage Site for its natural habitat, where you can see some of the most beautiful, intact coastal cliffs in the Western Atlantic.

Playa Las Coloradas takes its name from the peculiar coloration of the lagoons and the lush red-mangrove vegetation that covers the route between this obelisk and the exact location of the landing, which can now be accessed through a pier.

In planning an all-inclusive vacation to Cuba, or just deciding to embark on some family vacation adventure, make sure you stop on this beach for some local history and a taste of Caribbean flavor.

This paradise also holds the promise of an enviable encounter with a large variety of endemic flora and fauna species, including bighorn avocados, giant cacti, parrots, manatees, lizards, partridges and Polymita venusta.

Eco-adventure tours here will surely complement your vacations in Cuba.

Address: Playa Las Coloradas, Carretera de Niquero Km. 17, Niquero, Granma

Latitud: 19.9333 Longitud: -77.6833

Airports close to Playa las Coloradas:

- Sierra Maestra(MZO), Manzanillo, Cuba (108.6km)

- Carlos Manuel de Céspedes(BYM), Bayamo, Cuba (180.5km)

- Hermanos Ameijeiras(VTU), Las Tunas, Cuba (206.5km)

- Frank País(HOG), Holguin, Cuba (252.1km)

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