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Casa Marlina

Sra. Marlina Lezcaille Taquecher
Price per night:
13.00 CUC - 20.00 CUC
Habana, Centro Habana
star star star star star
Close to the beach


  • Laundry
  • Included Breakfast
  • Dinner

Languages spoken by house owner

  • Spanish

Casa Marlina is located in Centro Havana neighborhood, a very centric location only 15 minutes walking from Habana Vieja, 10 minutes from Chinatown and the Malecon (seashore) and 5 minutes walking from Vedado area.

Close to shops, banks, exchange offices and many pubs and bars highly popular amount Cubans and tourists.

Special for travelers with a low budgeted and students who want to live close from Havana University and to have a direct contact with a Cuban family.

Dinner is included in the price if you stay for a long period of time 





Comments (10)

star star star star star
Casa Marlina в Havana Central

Мое путешествие по Кубе длилось чуть больше трех недель. Я побывала в Гаване, Тринидаде, Сьенфуэгосе, Камагуэйе, Санта-Кларе, Сантьяго-де-Куба, Баракоа и Виниалесе. Я надеюсь, что мои советы помогут тем, кто любит бюджетные путешествия, а также тем, кто хочет узнать больше о настоящей Кубе.
Моя самая первая Каса. Casa Marlina в Havana Central. Марлина - хозяйка касы, профессор биологии в университете Гаваны. В свои 70 лет она все еще преподает. Она и рассказала мне о том, как нужно пользоваться местными деньгами.
С этой касы хорошо начать путешествие, потому что там честно объяснят, как пользоваться транспортом, где обедать
Marina ( Russian Federation )
Friday, September 29, 2017 11:25:18 am
star star star star star
Lo mejor
Estuve en casa de la señora merlina y fue una increible experiencia, ella y su hijo me apoyaron a mi y a mis amigos a conocer varios lugares de cuba. Su casa tiene una excelente ubicación y ella es una excelente persona.
Kely ( Mexico )
Sunday, November 20, 2016 12:48:06 pm
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Casa de Marlina
La casa de Marlina fue mi "Casa" luego de mi llegada de Cienfuegos. No pude encontrar mejor trato. Las platicas con la Sra Marlina y su hijo Rafa son inolvidables para mí. La casa cuenta con una ubicación envidiable, en la zona de centro Habana,no lejos del famoso " Callejón de Hamel", lugar muy conocido por las fiestas afrocubanas que se organizan allí cada domingo. Desde Casa Marlina es muy facil llegar a la Habana Vieja.

Recomiendo totalmente este hospedaje, de por sí muy económico.
Emiliano de la Rosa ( Mexico )
Monday, August 15, 2016 02:52:34 pm
star star star star star
A great place to stay
I have been travelling for over a month in Cuba and visited a whole lot of Casas but Marlina's house was my favourite.
It is a place where you are genuinely welcomed and what is really seldom in casas particular: you are viewed as a guest and a person and not as a walking bag of dollars.
If you get tired of casas where you pushed into buying overpriced dinners, taxies driven by a friend for a special price "just for you", directed to "really good" restaurants (commission for your visit goes to the casa owner), you should go here.
On the first day, Marlina can explain to you how to use taxi economico and national currency, how to get to the city centre, where you can buy food and drinks, and which bus to take to get to viazul. It really helped me during my trip. She can also organise a very cheap taxi (15 CUC) to the airport.
It is also a very welcoming person who makes you feel at home. If I even go to Cuba again, I would certainly want to come back to this casa. And the location is great!

Хорошая каса в хорошем месте за хорошую цену.
Честные и приятные люди покажут и расскажут, как пользоваться транспортом, где покупать еду, угостят чаем с бутербродами.
Ничего не буду наваливать, как в других касах, где на туриста смотрят волком, если не купил ужин, не поехал в такси "их друга" и т.д. Тут наоборот, очень приятное, доброе отношение. Чувствуешь себя в гостях, а не в отеле. Все советую и надеюсь вернуться!
Maria ( Russian Federation )
Tuesday, October 27, 2015 07:00:03 am
star star star star star
Hospedaje en la casa de Marlina
Es un lugar comodo, muy bien ubicado. Se puede llegar caminando a cualquier puntor de la habana o tambien es de facil acceso.
Marlina y su hijo fueron muy amables en mi estadia por ahi.
Fue muy grato llegar a Cuba y hospedarme en su casa.
Priscila ( Argentina )
Monday, September 22, 2014 06:55:36 pm
star star star star star
Casa Marlina Stay
Stayed in this well located case during my time in Havana. Sra Marlina and her son were very friendly and the room had air conditioning as well as a fan. Very happy to have stayed here.
Kevin Purcell ( Cuba )
Monday, September 22, 2014 04:30:54 pm
star star star star star
Feliz en Casa de Marlina
Mi estadia en casa De marlina fue muy excelente, me senti como en Familia, es un ambiente muy agradable y acogedor son unas personas maravillosas en todos los sentidos, les doy mis mas sinceros agradecimientos a Marlina, Irina, Mercedes ,Rafa y todos los amigos allegados a esta acogedora familia por esa amable hospitalidad, por estar muy pendientes, por sus bonitas atenciones y por su bella amistad, mas que convertirsen en mis amigos pasan a ser como mi familia por que asi me senti con ustedes, mil y mil gracias... espero volver a verlos pronto. Cuba es Hermosa , romantica, soñadora e inspiradora.

Adorables Amigos

Mil Abrazos desde Colombia

Oscar y Lore
Oscar Aparicio Aparicio ( Colombia )
Thursday, December 19, 2013 06:38:22 pm
star star star star star
Staying in Casa Marlina
If you are looking for a warm, cosy and authentic house, and you are an a low budget, Casa Marlina is the place for you. In Casa Marlina you wont feel like a stranger or a open wallet for money. Marlina takes genuine intrest in meeting you and so does her son Rafael. Marlina is a charming pleasent woman, who works for the university of Habanah (just around the block)as a proffesor for Bio Ethics, and nursury. Her son Raffael lives with her in their small, but charming apartment in center Habanah, just a few streets from Aveniida 23 and the Malecon. In the area you will find nice restaurants, where you can stil pay with Moneda national, like the Pizzaria on San Lazaro on the right hand side, (I think its call Cafe Habanah) where you can get a elephant size sangreria for just 20 CUP (national money). Callejon de Hamel is also just a few blocks away, where every Sunday there are live rumab dancing, acompanied with life and vibrant afrocubanisim music.
A walk to the Malecon taes only 5 minuets. There you can meet an abundance of musicians and observe the wonderful and romantic life of Habanah.

Marlinas house is not luxirious, so if that is what you are looking for, go and find it in old Habana. Marlinas house is for people who want to experience the real people of Cuba, and hear about their stories,life,trouble and joy.

Mrlina is also a great cook, and for a few CUCs she will fix you wonderful dinner.

I stayed there for more than a week, and I had a real authentic and pleasent time.
Roey Klein ( Israel )
Wednesday, November 13, 2013 12:15:14 pm
star star star star star
Casa Marlina
I had the most fantastic stay at Casa Marlina. I was there for just over 6 months and Marlina was incredible hospitable and helpful.

The apartment is really well located and I would not hesitate to return.

Fond memories!

Natalie ( Afghanistan )
Tuesday, October 29, 2013 07:58:50 am
star star star star star
Super happy at Casa Marlina
I have stayed at Casa Marlina off and on during my visits to Cuba for the past 8 years+. The location is wonderful and is just across the street from one of the largest grocery stores in Havana. It is also near to all forms of transportation around the city. It is just two blocks away from the Universidad de la Habana and 5 minutes walk from the Hotel Nacional-- where, for the day, you can pay a reasonable fee and use the pool and the gym and have all the luxuries you associate with a Caribbean vacation.

Marlina has a computer and access to email--which is not always easy to manage in Cuba-- and is included as part of your stay!

The new cook, or really Chef de Cuisine, is fabulous. If he was there for over a year with them 8 years ago, I'd have become quite fat. However, I'm happy to visit now every once and a while and gain a few pounds.
Kristina ( Germany )
Thursday, October 17, 2013 04:46:41 am

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