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Communicating in Cuba

Cuba has a network of telephone services which guarantee direct communication with any other part of the world and within it’s own territory.
Calling to Cuba:To call directly to Cuba you would have to dial the country code for Cuba (53) then the area code for the province you want followed by the telephone number you want. For a detailed list of area codes

Calling from Cuba: The best thing to do is buy a telephone card and make your call from a telephone booth. Calling from your hotel room is expensive. Telephone cards are mostly sold at the post-office and sometimes at your hotel-desk. In some areas you can use your mobile phone (T Mobile/KPN), for rates you should check with your local provider. Inform the people at home that reaching Cuba by phone might be very difficult sometimes. Internet is provided in special internet cafes and in big hotels.

 To call from Cuba to any other country, you must dial the prefix 119 and it can be done from any hotel, from a telephone center or from a telephone booth (with international access).

 Upon arrival to Cuba you may contract the services of Cubacel for the use of the cellular phone; you can rent a phone or bring your own and activate it.

International telephone call can be made from a number of hotels through branches of “TELECORREOS " or from telephone booths with international access. Besides, it is possible to address to "CUBACEL ", phone 80-2222 to take advantage of cellular telecommunication. If the visitor carries his own phone, he may contact CUBACEL through number 711.

Country code/city code:
When calling from outside Cuba, dial (53) 7

Havana city code:
For calls from other parts of Cuba, dial (07)


A detailed list of area codes


Dial (00) International Prefix 00


  Dial (53) Cuba´s country code


Dial one of the following area codes:


Camagüey 32

Cayo Largo del Sur 5

Ciego de Ávila
Miraflores 33
El Yarual 338
Morón 335
El resto de las localidades (other localities) 33

Cienfuegos 432
Cruces 433
Espartaco 434
S. Fernando de Camarones 434
Sta. Isabel de Las Lajas 433

Granma 23

Guantánamo 21

Ciudad de La Habana
Santiago de las Vegas 683
El resto de las localidades (other localities) 7

Provincia Habana
Aguacate, Madruga 64
Alquízar, Guira de Melena 67
Artemisa, Cabañas 63
Batabanó, Melena del Sur 62
Bauta, Playa Baracoa 680
Bejucal 66
Boca de Jaruco, Canasí 692
Caimito, Ceiba del Agua 680
Guanajay 686
Guines, Catalina de Guines 62
Jaruco 64
La Salud 66
Mariel 63
N. Paz, San Nicolás de Bari 62
Quivicán 67
S. Antonio de las Vegas 64
S. Antonio de los Baños 650
S. José de las Lajas, Tapaste 64
Sta. Cruz del Norte 692

Holguín 24

Isla de la Juventud 61

Matanzas 52
Ciénaga de Zapata 59
Jaguey Grande 59
El resto de las localidades (other localities) 5

Pinar del Río
Pinar del río 82
Bahía Honda 86
Candelaria 85
Cortés 84
Guane, Isabel Rubio 84
Mantua, Las Marinas 84
Pablo de la Torriente 86
Sábalo 84
San Cristóbal, López Peña 85
Sandino 84
Silvio Caro 63
El resto de localidades (other localities)  8

Sancti Spiritus
Ancón, FNT, Trinidad 419
Arroyo Naranjo 418
El Pedrero 4146
Santa Lucía 416
Topes de Collantes 42
Tuinicú 4147
El resto de las localidades (other localities) 41

Santiago de Cuba
Santiago de Cuba 226
Julio A. Mella 225
Mangos de Baraguá 225
Palma Soriano 225
III Frente Oriental 225
El resto de las localidades (other localities) 22

Las Tunas
Delicias 315
El resto de las localidades (other localities) 31

Villa Clara 42










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