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Official Name: Republic of Cuba.

Official Language: Spanish.

National Celebration: January 1st.

Population: Approx.12 million in 2000.

National Anthem: "Al combate corred, bayameses" Composed by Perucho Figueredo.




Capital: Havana City (founded in 1515 by orders of Diego Velazquez and moved to it's current location in 1519).

Currency: Cuban Peso or CUC.

Geographical Limits: The NW to the Gulf of Mexico; to the North of the Florida Straits and the Old Bahamas Canal, separating the island from the United States; to the East the Windward Passage, between Cuba and Haiti; to the South, the Caribbean Sea and the Columbus Strait which separates it from Jamaica and to the West the Yucatan Strait.


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