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Old Cars

There is something that always attracts the visitors' attention on the streets and avenues all over the island. No matter which country he comes from, he'll be surprised to see what many have already called the "Rolling Museum". This museum is the result of talent and creativeness of the Cuban people. Cars from different North American factories like Ford, General Motors and Chrysler, mostly from the 40's and 50's, can be found turning a corner or stopping at a red light. Models like Ford Standard, Ford Deluxe, Mercury, Edstel, convertible Cadillac, Cadillac Deluxe, Golden Cadillac, Buick Deluxe, Chevrolet Standard, Chevrolet Deluxe, Pontiac, Chrysler Imperial, Chrysler Deluxe and Standard, De Soto, Dodge, Kaiser, Henry J., Hudson, Oldsmobile and Plymouth can be seen everywhere and anywhere.




These old cars are about 10% of the cars circulating at the present time and proud 4th and 5th generation owners meticulously preserve many. Private collectors have come to the island to buy these cars, well-known photographers come seeking unusual images, and important TV broadcasting stations have made reports about Cuban "old-cars" owners that have re-engineered for more than 30 years these historic automobiles are often stopped by inquisitive passing tourists.

Nowadays, mostly all of the owners of these vintage cars, have been using them as taxi. When this happens, their unique element is lost since they have been redesigned to be able to work using diesel fuel which is cheaper. This adaptation is made because their original motors consume much gas. In this way, they will be more profitable.

Due to the efforts and management of the Office of the City Historian, a company was created to rent the “best-preserved” of these cars as taxi for tourists. Undoubtedly, that would be a very amusing Taxi service taking into consideration the fact that these vehicles were built more than fifty years ago

Renting one of these cars (whether you being the driver or just being driven around by a professional chauffeur), would be an experience that could be comparable to traveling backwards in a time machine

Nevertheless, there is something you should know in case you would be interested in buying one of these vintage cars. They cannot be purchased since a law for their protection was recently passed. These vintage cars are considered to be National Heritage.

We invite you to visit the so called City Automobile Museum located in the intersection of Oficios and Callejón de Justiz, in Old Havana

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