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Dance, music and rhythm are the elixir of life for the Cubans, who show their emotions and feelings through the medium of dance. Cuban dance classes allow visitors to Cuba to really feel the culture and history of the island in one of the most enjoyable ways.

There are many different Cuban dancing styles - sometimes it is quiet and intense suddenly crescendoing to wild and emotional; and at others it is manically energetic from start to finish. Whichever style of Cuba dance is your most preferred; our various Cuban dance classes will allow you to feel the power of this melodious culture and its African, Caribbean and Latin roots.

Belisimacuba offers Cuban dance classes for all levels, from beginner to experienced ( beginners, intermediate and advance, for singles, guys, girls, ladies, men and couples). The classes are led by professional dance instructors who will show you (with or without an appointed dance partner) how to move with the Latin flair, African spirit and Caribbean energy that comprises Cuban dancing.

The teachers are especially selected among the best in Cuba. The intensive dance program offers classes in Salsa, Son, Rueda de Casino, Mambo, Cha Cha Cha, and Rumba

Dance partners

The Cubans do not earn much money, so you must be prepared to pay for them if you take them out. It is up to you how much you would like to invite them out. However, it is usually a good idea. It creates good relations, you can feel safe, and you have somebody to dance with when going out.

Usually, you agree to meet with the girl/guy in front of the music club, and then you pay for her/his entry. It is relatively cheap to go out, depending on the choice of band (between 5-20 CUC). Please, bear in mind that you pay for all the costs for your dance partner, i.e. entry and drinks.

The Cubans get their salary in Pesos National, equivalent to approximately 10 CUC a month, so they haven’t got much money. If/when you take your dance partner out she/he will try to pay for her/his own entry in Pesos National, if possible, (100 Pesos National is equivalent to approx. 5 CUC).

This is to save money so that it will be cheaper for you. Your dance partner will assist you in exchanging your money to the local currency, and then there will be no further exchange fees.

You can use the local currency if you want to buy fruit, pizza, water, and the like in local shops in Havana.

Private dance classes (salsa,contemporary, folklorique dances, afro,...)


- 8 to 10 cuc/ hour

- With a dancer from the famous conjunto folklorico nacional and graduated from Istituto Superior de Arte 10 to 20 cuc / hour

Our Dancing Teachers:

- Leonardo (Graduated from Superior Institute of Art at 20003)

- Junier (Graduated from Superior Institute of Art at 2007)

- Mary Isabel (Graduated from Superior Institute of Art at 2000)




Teachers who teach Dancing Lessons

Graduated from SuperiorInstituteofArt at 2003
Graduated from Superior Institute of Art at 2007
Graduated from the National School of Art in Cuba 20 years of experience as a teacher and member of the Cuban dance company