Saturday, December 16, 2017
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Cuban Drumming Courses- Cuban Percussion Classes in Cuba

Music is a fundamental part of Cuban culture and with so many various styles of music on the island those are a number of accompanying Cuban percussion techniques. During our drum courses you will not only learn all about the various Cuban drums and patterns, but you will touch with a vital part of Cuba's soul.

With varied theoretical and practical exercises you will be able to discover your preferred Cuban drum along with your own inner rhythm.

A brief introduction by your qualified drum instructor will teach you the history and origins of Cuban percussion before giving you practical insights into bongos, tumbadores, and other types of Cuban drums.

You will learn how to use a Cuban drum like a native learning correct timing, the perfect way to strike the drum, and the numerous tricks you can recreate with these instruments.

Join in and discover the hypnotic trance that can be achieved and the fun and energy shared in a Cuban drum class.


7-10 cuc per hour

Course times are flexible


Teachers who teach Percusion Lessons

Graduated for ISA 5 years experience