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Night life

Ah, the nightlife in Cuba ... it's legendary. There's just magic in the night. Something about the trade winds, the people, the sights, the smells, the sounds, ... it all makes for a truly unique place and experience. The Cubans, irregardless of their economic conditions, have never lost their passion for partying. I promise you, if you haven't danced the Salsa under a Habana moon, you haven't lived ... The theatre, opera and ballet offers in Havana are also interesting, and generally very cheap; the cinemas have films translated to Spanish, although sometimes they have subtitles.

Nightlife – Bars Havana

* Habana Café Hotel Meliá Cohiba. Paseo between Primera y Tercera.

* La Bodeguita del Medio. Empedrado, 270, between San Ignacio y Cuba. La Habana Vieja.



* El Floridita. Montserrate, 351, esquina a Obispo. La Habana Vieja.

* Terraza del Hotel Inglaterra. Prado, 416, esquina San Rafael. La Habana Vieja.

* El Patio. Plaza de la Catedral. Habana Vieja.

* Two Brothers. San Pedro, 304 esquina Sol. Habana Vieja.

Nightlife - Restaurants

• Havana

* La Kakatua. Calle 15 1211, between 18 y 20. Vedado.

* La Guarida. Concordia 418, between Gervasio y Escobar. Downtown Havana.

* Doña Nieves. Calle 19, nº 812, between 2 y 4. Vedado.

* El Farallón. Calle 22, nº 361, between 21 y 23. Vedado

* El Aljibe. Séptima between 24 y 26. Miramar.

Nightlife - Dancing

• Havana

* Palacio de la Salsa. Hotel Riviera. Paseo y Malecón. Vedado.

* La Casa de la Música Galiano. Calle Galiano entre Concordia y Neptuno, Municipio Centro Habana Phones: (53) (7) 8624165 (53) (7) 8608296

* La Casa de la Música Miramar. Calle 20 esquina 35. Miramar. * La Tropical. Entre 41 y 46, sector playa.


Salsa, Salsa, Salsa, Salsa, and some Son Montuno.... Music, dancing and rum, They are to be found in every Cuban city, town or village. Partyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!! No need to take salsa lessons before you go to Cuba, because the Cubans are the best salsa teachers, you will really enjoy Cuba's nightlife!!!!


Big Cuban parties are held in each others homes and apartments, and not outside. Cubans like to party in this way with friends and family. At especially big parties they will roast a pig and wash it down with Cuban rum. The rum is oftentimes of the 'homemade' variety, so watch out, as it's got a 'kick'! If you are fortunate enough to befriend a local, you'll perhaps be invited to one of these house parties.

Meeting the Locals

The Cubans do go out from time to time, however, you will not find them in the usual touristy hangouts, high end bars, and cafes. You'll find them in small neighbourhood bars and restaurants.. Once found, sit down and have a drink or share a meal with them. You'll be glad that you did! They are very warm and hospitable to tourists, no matter where you are from.


Free concerts are sometimes offered in the local city or town's 'Plaza de la Revolution', which are usually centrally located. Most cities have a 'Casa de la Trova' or 'Casa de la Musica' where live concerts may be enjoyed.





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