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General Advises

Sanitary conditions:

Vaccination is not required to travel to Cuba . It is advisable to take with you provision of basic medicines.


In case of accident immediately contact the nearest police station.

If you have trip insurance, immediately contact "Assistur" Tel:

33.88.59/ 33.80.87).


110V is used. The power outlets use flat prongs plug. It is advisable to equip yourself with an adapter.

Customs regulations:

The customs laws prohibit the entrance of pornography, drugs, and narcotics.

For the tobacco export (more than 50 cigars) you must present the invoice that you would have to demand when doing the purchase in any store of the country.

Suitable clothes:

Clothes of cotton or similar are the most convenient during almost all the year, nevertheless it is necessary to consider that from the end of October and up to March in Cuba is frequent the entrance of cold fronts and mostly in the months of December, January and February minimum temperatures drops below 10 degrees Celsius (40 degrees Fahrenheit). For this season of the year it is necessary to have light sweater of wool or similar garment .

During the rain season (May to October) it is advisable to have a light raincoat.

Although casual clothes (jeans, short, t-shirt, etc) are fine in almost all the places, in order to attend theatres, restaurants, concert halls and others, formal clothing is required but, in most of these places a shirt of sleeves and a tie will be acceptable , without discarding the use of coats that is not infrequent.

Electrical current and TV signal:

In many hotels, nevertheless, there is also a voltage of 220 volts and 60 Hz.

The TV signals are NTSC norm (American standard), in the country there are 4 public TV channels and in the majority of the hotels satellite channels are received as well.


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